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Marshall Auctioneers and Real Estate Inc. is a full service auction headquartered in Nixa, Missouri. Serving the South, the greater Midwest and Southeastern United States, Marshall Auctioneers are equipped with knowledge and skill to host successful auctions and sales of any kind.

With three generations of auctioneers in the family, the energy and experience sets us apart from other Auctioneers. We are a team with a proven track record, who works with you in a friendly way to get the best possible outcome for your event. From auto and real estate auctions, to estate sales and fundraising events, Marshall Auctioneers is an enthusiastic team that gets results!

Let our team of licensed and certified members of the Arkansas and National Auctioneer Association hold your next auction, and we promise to make it a fun and exciting event for you and all those who attend. Additional Marshall Auctioneer services and customers include Corporate Events, Benefit Dinners, Government Agencies, Professional Organizations, Developers and Investors.